And just in case you haven’t seen it yet…here’s the wicked new MuchMusic promo! #DegrassiFeb24

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moregeousbdffs asked: did you get the one I sent you a few weeks ago about the Degrassi High reunion?

Yeah i did but it didn’t make any sense?


When the second half of season 11 comes back i’ll be on more and submit more fails. in the mean time send in some messages and i’ll do my best to be on.

Anonymous asked: i sent you like more then 4 fails and havent seen them up and i know if you do them already you say it. i sent it in like a month ago.

some of them aren’t continuity fails though. or i hadn’t made them yet. but ty though

Anonymous asked: Spike & Jack

Jack is going to be in the new season. the guy that plays Mr. Simpson said that he’s going to be in some eps. and with the mom i already made a post but i have a feeling were going to see her too.

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submitted by: Anon

submitted by: Anon

Anonymous asked: Why does Fiona have another year in high school but Declan's going to Yale?

Because she doesn’t have enough credits to graduate.

Anonymous asked: When's the second half of season 11 start?

February…. Fuck our lives 

Anonymous asked: liberty and reese's relationship.

Who’s Reese? was he the guy that were friends with Sean and Jay?

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infinitelyjenn-deactivated20120 asked: I really do love this blog, but (and I realize that in the degrassi world they are continuity fails) sometimes, actors have to leave the show. If they made a huge deal about every actor leaving the show, it'd seem ridiculous. And in cases like Emma and Spinner, yes, they technically are supposed to be married and there, but their story lines were wrapped up in them getting married and it's kind of a (unrealistic) happily ever after scenario. Not continuity fails.

Thank you :) i agree with the actor thing but the whole emma/spinner thing was a big mistake imo.